Sayfe Use Case Scenarios

Sometimes situations arise where you want to share private information over text messages and you wonder just how secure the conversation is between you and the person you’re messaging. Here are some use case scenarios where Sayfe can come in handy.


If you need to share personal information like your social security number, home address, or other self-identifying details, we’ve got you covered. We keep your communications encrypted and safe, where you can control how long the information lives on both ends. Even children can use the app to express themselves in a trusted and safe environment. Sayfe is also a great place to have fun: discreet and consensual relationships are just as protected and secure.


If you are a doctor or medical provider, sensitive HIPPA information or insurance information can be exchanged over Sayfe. The expiring and recall features of Sayfe are immediate, convenient and confidential for healthcare professionals and their patients on the go.


Sometimes you need to share your bank or credit card account info. Sayfe is a secure place to do so. Financial professionals (such as brokers and finance firms) and institutions (such as banks and their customers) can also use our messaging platform to exchange information and communication that need to meet compliance and security requirements.


Instructors, professors and even students can use Sayfe when it comes to communicating grades, class scheduling and assignments.


Lawyers and reporters care about protecting their clients and sources, too. Communications are secure and anonymous if the parties involved choose to make them so with the features in Sayfe.

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