Sayfe Means Say It Safely

The name of our App, ‘Sayfe’ is a play on the words ‘Say’ and ‘Safe’. The name is to imply that this App allows one to always ‘Say it Safely’.

It means that every time one uses Sayfe, they are protected by end to end encryption that allows only the sender and the receiver to read the actual contents of the message. It means the App has features that protect you from small random mistakes, and give the sender/sharer total control over their content. The recall and delete features on the App let users take back their messages as if they were never sent. The timed expiring messages allow the sender to control how long their messages can be viewed. Expired messages cannot be decrypted and read again without express permission in the form of a key from the sender. However, with our focus on ‘usable’ security, requesting permissions for re-reading as a receiver, and granting permission to re-read for another short interval, are a 1-click breeze. To experience these, and other features of the Sayfe App, download it on the App store soon.

Say it Safely, always. Use Sayfe!

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