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Our secure and encrypted messaging app will give you the ability and flexibility to customize the degree of privacy you prefer within your everyday chat experience.

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We believe privacy isn’t a luxury, and control over your content isn’t just a nice thing to have. These are necessities for all of us. Your personal communications are a top priority and we make sure they’re shared in a trusted space.

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  1. Encrypt Everything you send and receive uses industry leading AES256 Encryption.
  2. Expire Decide how long your messages are visible to other users.
  3. Revive Request more time to view expired messages.
  4. Takeback You’re in control of your messages. Delete texts from sender, receiver or both devices.
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Testimonials Review of customers

  • Vaishali Hegde Loved it! Great app with all user friendly features :)
  • Aalishan Ansari For a secured messenger Sayfe is the best. I definitely found what I wanted!
  • Lucy Bond Marketing Manager It's easy for me to share confidential and private information about my clients with my coworkers.
  • Fred Saccho Physician My patients find it convenient and secure to ask questions and share their medical information with me. I recommend Sayfe to all professionals!

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Sayfe Use Case Scenarios
Sayfe Use Case Scenarios

Sometimes situations arise where you want to share private information over text messages and you wonder just how secure the conversation is between you and the person you’re messaging. Here are some use case scenarios where Sayfe can come in handy.

Sayfe Means Say It Safely
Sayfe Means Say It Safely

The name of our App, ‘Sayfe’ is a play on the words ‘Say’ and ‘Safe’. The name is to imply that this App allows one to always ‘Say it Safely’.

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